The Business

VLV Development is a full-service development company committed to reducing the impacts of climate change through the installation of clean energy within homes, buildings, and large institutions, while simultaneously increasing community resilience and economic security. We believe that the future of the climate is in our hands and the future of development is fueled by clean energy. With decades of experience, VLV Development works in partnership with its subdivisions VGI Energy and Transformation Housing (TH), leading the way in making solar energy accessible to all.


VLV Development is driven by a mission to awaken emerging domestic markets to the importance of sustainable development. More than a development firm, VLV exists for a greater purpose: to be a leader in the transition from unsustainable development practices that contribute to ecological destruction and aggravate the climate crisis to sustainable development practices that support the long-term health of all human and planetary communities. At the heart of our work is an intention to reduce humanity’s environmental footprint, stimulate U.S. and local economic growth, stabilize the reliance and volatility of energy, and raise awareness around the connection between clean energy and environmental stewardship. VLV is committed to using the installation of solar and other renewable energy as a platform for educating the public about the impacts of dirty energy on the environment and human health.

Our Work

VLV Development aims to create a sustainable energy supply-chain within Illinois in order to support commercial- and utility-scale renewable energy developments. Because 70% of emissions in urban areas come from buildings, VLV focuses on three primary areas of operation: multifamily housing, commercial structures, and urban centers. VLV creates sustainable structures in these areas of operation by incorporating green design and clean energy into all construction.

Areas of Operation:

  • Multifamily housing
  • Commercial
  • Urban Centers


VLV team members are subject matter experts in the field of clean energy and green building development, and the entire staff has been on the forefront of the green building design movement for over a decade. Internationally recognized in the field of climate resilience and green development, VLV’s team works to improve the operation of existing buildings and develop resilient communities by analyzing utility consumption, developing plans for reducing usage, and managing the installation of conservation measures. Our team creates greener buildings through water conservation, energy reduction and generation, equipment efficiency, sustainable purchasing, and capital planning, all while providing the highest possible cost savings.



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