Clean Energy: Commercial

Our latest commercial installation

Richard J. Daley College

VLV_ICON_fa-institution_ALPHAVLV | VGI Energy, through a competitive bidding process, was awarded a contract to install solar panels on the newly resurfaced roof of Richard J. Daley College. The 100 kW system will help reduce electric usage and energy costs for the City Colleges of Chicago. It also will be used as a module for Daley College professors to teach students about renewable energy using the sun’s power.

This project consisted of a 60ft bi-level roof top installation install solar panels on the newly resurfaced roof of Richard J. Daley College.

The new energy system will produce more than 117,000 kWh of clean electricity annually, offsetting nearly 200,000 pounds of CO2 or 80.7 Metric Tons per year- That’s equal to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from 17 passenger vehicles.

The installation of 400 modules covers approximately 13,000-square-feet of the roof on the south side of the building, which receives the most sunlight, at 75th Street and Pulaski Avenue.

  BUILDING:   Richard J. Daley College
  LOCATION:   75th St & Pulaski Ave, Chicago
  SYSTEM:   100kW
  CO2 AVOIDED:   80.7 Metric Tons/yr
  EQUIVALENT TO:   17 cars removed

From small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, VGI Energy has a commercial solar energy solution that will meet your needs whether:

Why commercial solar?

Along with making a cleaner, wiser choice for your business, there are many benefits that come with the installation of a solar power system:

1. A hedge against the risk of rising electricity prices

Utility companies are dependent on fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas, which are vulnerable to volatile foreign markets. When you switch to solar power, you are hedging against raising utility rates. You can lock in low, predictable electricity costs for years into the future. As utility rates continue to rise, your savings can grow every year.

2. Low risk, secure investment

Commercial PV systems attract typical paybacks of 5-7 years, and a return on investment in excess of 15%. The expected life of a solar power system is over 25 years, which ensures that will continue to generate electricity well after the initial investment has been paid back.

3. Systems are custom designed for your facility

Our solar power system proposal is custom designed for your facility, taking into considerations such as current electricity usage, existing electrical infrastructure, roof structure and area, and potential roof shading.

4. Increases property value through lower overhead costs

A commercial solar system will reduce the electricity overhead cost of the facility, which is a significant expense for most facilities. This will make the facility more appealing to hotel guests, while allowing the you to charge a premium.

5. Creates a highly visible statement of your sustainability commitment

A solar photovoltaic system installed on your facility is a highly visible statement of your sustainability commitment to staff, clients and the general public. This can be enhanced through the installation of our optional monitoring system, which monitors the live energy usage of the facility and solar output, and can be viewed both online and in an onsite display.

6. Solar Energy Incentives

Solar tax incentives provide compelling financial reasons to go solar. In 2009, the US government raised its federal tax credit for energy efficiency improvements to 30%. If you qualify for additional state and local incentives, you could save almost 50% on the cost of a solar system from VLV-VGI Energy. These savings for solar energy are unprecedented and may not last long.

7. Very low maintenance

VGI Energy uses only accredited designers and installers, as well as equipment for all systems. Kyocera Solar, a Tier 1 panel manufacturer, which has been manufacturing solar panels for over 40 years, supplies our panels. The other components; including inverters, mounting equipment and cables are sourced from manufacturers that have obtained all relevant accreditation, including IEC, CEC, AS and offer a minimum of 5-10 year warranties, which can be extended upon request.