Clean Energy: Residential

Today, solar energy systems are more affordable, accessible, and important than ever before. Whether your building is single or multifamily residential, solar power is one of the best investments you can make for both your wallet and the future of the planet. Our team will take care of everything, from design and permits to inspections and solar panel installation. Your job is simple: pay less for power than you do now.

Why invest? According to Businessweek, homeowners can expect a return on their solar power investment of 15% or more per year. Research has also shown that homes with solar panels on the roof sell twice as quickly.*

*Based on sales of 13 solar new home communities compared to local non-solar new home communities in a study conducted by The Ryness Company.

Our latest residential installations

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  • 55 units, 12.5kW
  • 27 units, 23kW
  • 18 units, 16.5kW

A Guaranteed Return with Every Sunrise

Solar savings begin from the moment of installation and continue to grow over time. For starters, federal, state and local solar incentives can help you cut the cost of your residential solar system in half. As soon as your solar panels are installed and the solar power your home generates offsets your electricity needs, you will see a drastic drop in the numbers on your utility bills.


There has never been a better time to go solar. Thanks to the federal tax credit for consumer energy efficiency, homeowners in the U.S. can save 30% on the cost of a residential solar system. And, if you qualify for additional state and local incentives you can save almost half the cost of your system. With rebates like these, it’s easier than ever to maximize your energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Does understanding tax incentives sound intimidating? Don’t worry – we will help you find the incentives and other benefits available to you.

Save More

Among the many benefits of owning a residential solar system, the savings you get on your utility bills make investing in clean energy an obvious choice. There is no faster way for you to maximize the return on your solar investment and increase the resale potential on your home than with a clean energy home solar system.

Financing Options

At VLV, we believe that all people deserve the right to invest in a clean energy future, regardless of budgetary constraints. With our wide range of solar financing options, you can start saving money on your residential solar system today.

Share the Savings with our Referral Program

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