The Possibilities of Partnership

Any relationship, to be successful, requires mutual trust and patience, and a commitment to seeing that all come out winners. We choose our partners with these goals in mind. You’ll quickly discover how much more we can accomplish within a strategic alliance than you could ever do on your own.

Our company is committed to making a difference for humanity in the area of community resilience and quality of life on Earth. When we started VLV Development in 2009, we understood that we would have to build our business on carefully chosen and sensitively nurtured strategic alliances. That’s precisely what we have done. And along the way, we have learned many valuable lessons about what makes strategic partnerships work. What’s most important, we have found, is that they’re all about relationships.

Over the years, we have joined in strategic partnerships with for profit and non-profit developers, financial services companies, construction and engineering, architectural firms and enviromental professional firms. Recently, we’ve worked collaboratively with local agencies, educational institutions, workforce stakeholders and community-based organizations who seek to serve our targeted population: Urban communities.

It is through these partnerships that we have been able to deliver innovations and ideas that make the difference for our clients, our company, and the people that are positively impacted by the work that we do.