We’re curbing climate change, driving urban resiliency and building a more prosperous future

Urban centers are crucial to the sustainability of our communities and our planet. We’ve dedicated the last two decades to building a more secure future through development projects that empower urban communities.

We will transform the urban development landscape. And we’ll do so by contracting 1 megawatt of solar energy plus storage in each of Chicago’s 50 wards. Our goal is bold, but an issue as critical as climate change demands this kind of tenacity.

We’re creating something bigger than ourselves. And we’re just getting started.

At VLV Development, we’re dynamic full-service developers, clean energy experts and impassioned advocates deeply invested in the future of urban communities. Our team is moving the needle in our native Chicago through innovative commercial, utility and affordable housing projects.

Our team is comprised of native Chicagoans, minorities, veterans and other diverse experts driven by something much bigger than ourselves. We’re equal parts thought leader and developer, distilling our vision into tangible economic benefits for our clients. Because at VLV, we know that true resiliency requires both.


years in operation (and a lifetime in Chicago)


North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners


In-House Master Electricians


In-House Journeymen Electricians


Clean Energy, Financial and Community Partners


Minority Owned

Three Unstoppable Companies. One Powerful Mission.

To amplify our impact, VLV Development works hand in hand with our VGI Energy and Transformation Housing divisions. Together, these three unstoppable teams are driving us closer to realizing our goal of 1 MW of solar and storage for each of Chicago’s 50 wards.

We like to think of VGI Energy as our dynamic, diverse thought leadership hub. By leveraging VGI’s strategic vision and its proprietary MARIA impact framework, VLV transforms value propositions into development solutions that build resilient communities and deliver clear economic impact. Combining VGI’s vision with VLV’s “boots on the roof” expertise, we deliver unrivaled solutions for utilities, corporations, religious institutions, municipalities and other organizations ready to take a bold step toward resiliency.  

At VLV, the strength of urban communities drives everything we do. We’re passionate about revitalizing affordable housing, and magnify our impact in this space by working alongside our property management division, Transformation Housing.

No one person, one company or one solar installation will transform the urban development landscape. True progress requires community, and we’re rising to that challenge every day. It all starts with visionary leadership.



A visionary driven by profitable projects that make a difference.



A leader for meaningful results for people, humanity and life.



An unwavering ‘get it done’ for the community guy.