VLV Divisions

VLV Development

VLV Development (VLV) is a full service green build development company that develops and provides technical assistance and support for a wide variety of sustainable development related topics, including Project Development, Management and Financing.

VGI Energy

VGI Energy (VGI) a clean energy development company committed to addressing climate change through solar energy solutions.

VGI Energy is committed to making communities more energy resilient by future-proofing their power using solar energy with battery storage. VGI operates across three platforms: Multifamily, commercial and utility. It is a subsidiary of VLV Development, a full-service development company committed to awakening urban communities to sustainability through the adoption of solar power.

“Every step we take toward clean, renewable energy brings us closer to ending our dependency on fossil fuels and eliminating harmful greenhouse gases driving climate change,” says Van Vincent, President of VGI Energy. “We’re proud to bring this technology and our expertise to the City Colleges of Chicago.”


Transformation Housing

Transformation Housing (TH) is the Sustainable Property Management division of VLV Development. Our staff of leading industry professionals includes specialists in compliance, accounting, operations, marketing, and leasing as well as on-site expertise in community outreach, leasing, and maintenance at each of our communities.