Transforming the urban development landscape

VLV Development has a bold vision for the future of urban communities, in our hometown of Chicago and across the nation. We’re delivering on this vision by revitalizing urban housing, transforming downtown developments and making clean energy accessible to millions.

VLV is the full-service development partner for portfolio owners, utilities and municipalities committed to revitalizing urban neighborhoods. By leveraging strategic partnerships and clean energy innovation, we create tangible value for our customers—reducing electricity consumption by 20%, delivering clear economic impact and ensuring their development projects are built to last.

Our Services

Real Estate Development

We’re committed to transforming the affordable housing landscape. And we’re doing it by ensuring every real estate development project maximizes both economic and community impact. We work with the best in affordable housing, from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to our rich local network. Learn more about our affordable housing development projects here.

Full-Service Construction

VLV’s team is home to North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, Master Electricians, Journeymen Electricians and other specialists with proven expertise in all aspects of development. We’re 100% minority owned, employ a diverse local workforce and are deeply committed to putting our skills to work for urban communities in Chicago and across the nation.

Clean Energy Design and Implementation

VLV works hand-in-hand with VGI Energy, our climate thought leadership division, to help clients achieve clean energy systems that maximize value and impact. From energy storage to demand response and aggregation strategies, our experts deliver comprehensive, cost-saving solutions to fit a variety of development models. We handle every step of your switch to solar, from engineering, financing, permits and installation through operations and maintenance.

We’re driving progress for people, the planet, and prosperity

Impact is in our DNA. Through full-service development and thought leadership, we empower our customers to achieve the triple bottom line.

  • Maximize economic impact and reduce energy costs by 20% or more
  • Improve the health, sustainability and resiliency of your community
  • Make a meaningful impact on our planet today and into the future

We’re making resiliency accessible, and profitable, across dynamic urban environments

We collaborate with developers and portfolio owners to execute major urban revitalization projects, and design clean energy systems that generate all the power they need on-site.

We partner with utilities to enhance their sustainability goals, crafting solutions that integrate seamlessly into their infrastructure and projects.

We work with housing authorities, governments and regulators to create policies that remove critical barriers to clean energy and other issues impacting urban community development.

We’re forging dynamic partnerships that meet every development need

Our boots are on the ground every day building the powerful relationships that help urban development projects succeed. You won’t find a network this dynamic, or experienced, anywhere else.

  • Industry groups, engineers, architects and other service providers who enhance our delivery across a variety of project types and scopes
  • Financial institutions and investment partners who enable us to offer solar energy and other services with no capital expenditure required from our customers—regardless of budget, risk profile and client type
  • Educational institutions and other community partners who maximize the impact, and reach, of your project

Together, we’re realizing a bold vision for the future of urban communities. And we’re achieving it with play, fun and ease.