VGI Energy

Our Personal Commitment

“We believe the future of the climate is still in our hands. We are doing our part to mitigate climate change, positively impact public health, while offering more freedom and generating higher returns for people.

    Join us!”

Global climate change is detrimental to development and public health. VGI is committed to making a difference for humanity by developing a clean energy economy that promotes sustainability.

The ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

VGI promotes sustainability and delivers economic returns.

Solar Energy Development in Chicago
VGI Energy’s goal is to provide 1MW of solar power to all 50 Wards in Chicago.

VGI Energy provides the opportunity for all communities to have access to clean solar power. Through our innovative business Eco-Platform MARIA we provide solar power to non-profits, low-income, and faith based communities.

    Today VGI has 2.4 MW on the pipeline for solar installation.


To support…

  • Increased Energy Independence
  • Offset Rising Energy Costs
  • Drive Economic Development
  • Reduce Environmental Impact

Plan & Implement

At VGI, we help communities plan and implement successful local energy projects using the following steps:

  • Feasibility Analysis Phase
  • Project Development Phase
  • Construction Phase
  • Operations And Maintenance Phase

MARIA Eco-Platform
How does VGI-Energy Implement the MARIA Eco-Platform?


Implementing 50MW of Solar in Chicago…

  • Has the capacity to Mitigate 44,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels into the atmosphere. That’s equivalent to reducing carbon emissions from over 9300 passenger cars or electricity use of over 6500 homes
  • Developing solar requires that we adapt the built environment to make projects efficient.
  • VGI uses innovative financing strategies in order to provide free solar infrastructure to communities that traditionally do not have access to renewable energy
  • By collaborating with local stakeholders and
    community members VGI is creating awareness of global climate problems as
    well as introducing them to the economic benefits of solar power.