VGI Energy

Our Personal Commitment

Here at VGI, we believe the future of the climate is still in our hands. We are doing our part to mitigate climate change and positively impact public health by offering more freedom and higher returns for our clients.

Sustainable Development

“Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

UN World Commission on Environment and Development



VGI Energy (VGI) is the clean energy subdivision of VLV Development committed to making communities more resilient by addressing climate change through solar energy solutions.

VGI Energy is an all-in-one clean energy provider. VGI’s in-house team takes care of every part of your solar project, including financing, custom system engineering, installation and ongoing system maintenance and monitoring.
VGI installs solar panels on homes, businesses, and institutions, working with you to minimize the cost of your utility bills and maximize your savings.

At VGI, we help communities plan and implement successful local clean energy projects using the following steps:

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Project Development
  • Construction
  • Operations and Maintenance

There is no question that global climate change is detrimental to all aspects of human and environmental life, from economic development to human and ecological health.
VGI is committed to making a difference for humanity and the planet by developing a clean energy economy that promotes sustainable development.

Our Approach

All VGI projects are undertaken within the framework of our innovative eco platform MARIA, which we use as the basis for providing solar power to non-profits, low-income, and faith based communities.

Did you know that implementing 50MW of solar in Chicago would mitigate 44,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels? That’s the equivalent to reducing carbon emissions from over 9300 passenger cars or electricity usage from over 6500 homes!


Mitigation– All VGI projects are founded on the principle of mitigation, as solar energy by nature mitigates the harmful effects of human-made greenhouse gas emissions on the environment. All VGI projects seek to mitigate the harmful causes of climate change by implementing sustainable technology.

Adaptability– When it comes to sustainable development, adaptability is a crucial aspect of the commitment to live within our means. Harnessing solar energy requires that we adapt the built environment to the natural environment in order to make projects efficient. ***Example of adaptability in a project?

Resilience– Like it or not, the environment in which we live is changing and will continue to due to the changes already advanced by human-made emissions and unsustainable development. Therefore, VGI projects incoporate the concept of resiliency through the medium of battery storage for disaster preparedness and situations where clean energy resources are not available (such as the electric grid going down).

Innovation– When committed to making clean energy accessible for all, innovation is key. VGI uses innovative financing strategies in order to provide free solar infrastructure to communities that traditionally do not have access to clean energy.

Awareness – VGI considers the generation of awareness within communities as important as physical development. VGI views the cost-saving benefits of clean energy as being one of the many ways to educate the public about climate change and its effects on us as individuals and communities. By collaborating with local stakeholders and community members, VGI is creating awareness of the global climate crisis, as well as introducing the economic benefits of solar power.

Why Work With VGI?

VGI is more than an energy company. At VGI, we believe that business goes hand-in-hand with service and the betterment of all planetary communities. Behind VGI’s mission to bring sustainable energy to all people is a commitment to ethics, social, and environmental justice. VGI works with a knowledge of the interconnection between all systems – social, economic, political, ecological – and a belief in the ability of all humans to live in balance with the natural world and with one another. Partnering with VGI not only saves you money on your utility bill, but it contributes to the broader transition to a healthy world run on clean, renewable energy.